Hey Sinners & Sodomites! Josh decided to let go of mandatory re-releases when we don't have an episode. But we're not dead or doing OnlyFans again or anything. We have some good stuff in the works! More info to come soon.

Love you more than God does!

Apr 28, 2024
We read a selection of Psalms suggested by AI to figure out if this ancient book of songs holds up to the hype.It doesn't.Despite Josh's warnings that we might find the material repetitive and dull, w [And so forth...]
Apr 14, 2024
The kingdom of Israel splits into two separate nations after the death of King Solomon. His son Rehoboam ascends to the throne and when the people ask him to not be a dick like his dad. But his friend [And so forth...]
Mar 17, 2024
David FINALLY kicks the bucket, but before he does, the good, upright King David, who loved and obeyed God unlike any other king, gives his son a kill list. And boy does Solomon tick off those boxes w [And so forth...]
Mar 3, 2024
“Was the Gospel of John Changed to Suppress Mary Magdalene?” by ReligionForBreakfast – https://youtu.be/rfy6oiB_U-A Crucifying Tony Stark – https://youtu.be/V9_AeLmuRKc?t=120 Turns out Jesus wants us [And so forth...]
Feb 18, 2024
We kick off 1 Kings by only talking about the first chapter. We've heard the Chronicles' version of Solomon becoming king but now we'll learn the King's version which is very different.The Succession [And so forth...]
Feb 4, 2024
Oh boy! Is this a great episode if you love vague quantities of precious metals and stones. And the names! Oh the names of it all!We're blowing through the ingredients for a temple and plowing right i [And so forth...]
Jan 21, 2024
We dig elbow deep into a steaming pile of contradictions, curiosities, and constipated commentary. The unerring bible seems to glitch out on us. The all knowing, all powerful author had an apparent br [And so forth...]
Jan 7, 2024
Fresh off overthrowing his son fresh off overthrowing him, David deals with a dick dividing his domain to dogshit. - Sheba gets the northern kingdom to split from David, but of course that doesn't las [And so forth...]
Dec 24, 2023
Happy holidays all you war on CHRISTmas warriors! We're kicking back and watching that time honored 2017 classic Christmas movie, The Case for Christ. Based on the book of the same name, this follows [And so forth...]