May 21, 2023
The bible is SO PRO-WOMAN! As you'll be able to tell from the story of Deborah, the only female Judge. [And so forth...]
May 7, 2023
Sit down, Judge Judy! We're talking about Judge SHAMGAR!!! That's an EPIC name for a judge, isn't it? It's going to be an amazing story, right!? [And so forth...]
Apr 23, 2023
We wrap up the Book of Joshua and boy does it make time stand still. [And so forth...]
Apr 9, 2023
You remember that part of the bible when Jesus performed the miracle of getting a rabbit to lay chocolate, cream filled eggs? [And so forth...]
Mar 26, 2023
Joshua proves himself to be a brilliant, strong leader, undeterred by minor setbacks like when 0.01% of his fighting force is killed at AI. [And so forth...]
Mar 12, 2023
I'll be honest. This episode is about crossing a river. [And so forth...]
Feb 26, 2023
Where did the first text of the bible come from, who wrote it and was it changed? We talk about what modern analysis and archeology says. [And so forth...]
Feb 12, 2023
We finally cover the story of the little wooden prophet who wanted to be a real boy so bad he ended up in the belly of a whale. [And so forth...]
Jan 29, 2023
We dive deep into Josh. Or at least Josh's past. How he went from devout Christian to a raging atheist.  [And so forth...]
Jan 15, 2023
We take on the 2nd and last book named for a woman. Will she be a feminist icon? No. I'll just let you know that now. [And so forth...]