1 Samuel Pt. 5 - He Might Be Giant?

Ep. 55

Episode Notes

We finally cover the ultimate David and Goliath story... David and Goliath! 

God, tired of having a tall, handsome king, has shifted his focus to a short, handsome king. And like an 80s New York real estate baron, he doesn't give a shit if there's overlap. Like maybe file for divorce BEFORE anointing the next one, right?

We also find a big narrative flaw when David is hired to play the lyre for Saul and David becomes like a member of the royal family. Then in the Goliath story Saul suddenly doesn't seem to know who David is at all.

- Does the god of the bible care about all children's lives? Spoiler alert. No.
- Is the god of the bible perfect and unerring? Spoiler alert. No.
- Does the god of the bible change his mind? Spoiler alert. Yes.
- Does the god of the bible send demons to torment people? Spoiler alert. Yes.

So you're interested. We're interested. What do you say? You want to do this thing?