1 Samuel Pt. 1 - Womb Raider

Ep. 51

Episode Notes

Kicking off a new bible book strong with talk of barren women, boarding school, priests mistaking prayer for drunkenness, and shitty sons who steal meat. That's right, what other book could this be than 1 Samuel?

Samuel is the profit (sp?) that ends up appointing Saul to be king, realizing that was a fuck up and then appointing David, which works out completely fine with no issues at all. And this is starts his origin story. 

We learn about Samuel's barren mother, Hannah, who only gets pregnant once she promises to give the baby away to God. Because apparently all she really wanted was the be pregnant. And we learn about Samuel's mentor, Eli, chief priest to Israel and bad dad to Hophni and Phinehas.

Also, we kick off our attempt to go weekly with the show! So strap in and strap on for a whole lot more of our luscious voices lovingly lapping your ear holes!