Joshua Pt. 2 - Joshua and the Giant Heap

Ep. 43

Episode Notes

We all remember the songs about Joshua and the Battle of Jericho and the cartoons and the children's books. All those glorious money-making forms of "art" that taught children valuable lessons about walking in circles around a city and not shouting until God says it's ok, while ignoring that the story was about divinely mandated genocide. 

Let's play a drinking game. Every time God says kill kids, you drink. (Don't really do this. I'm not legally responsible for your alcohol poisoning.)

Joshua proves himself to be a brilliant, strong leader, undeterred by minor setbacks like when 0.01% of his fighting force is killed at AI. 

You're in for a heap of a good time with this episode. Such a big heap. A great heap! A giant heap of bible is coming at ya.