Joshua Pt. 1 - Rinse and Repeat, Repeat and Rinse

Ep. 42

Episode Notes

I'll be honest. This episode is about crossing a river. We cover 5 chapters of the bible, and at the beginning of it some people are on one side of a river, and at the end those people are on the other side of the river. 

If you're into rivers, this episode is for you. If you loved River Phoenix in the 1992 cinema masterpiece "Sneakers" then this episode is for you. If you loved the 1992 cinema masterpiece "A River Runs Through It" this episode is NOT for you. That movie was about going down a river in a boat. This episode is about crossing a river. Very different. But if you loved 1992 because of all the river movies that came out that year then this episode is for you.

Also we're talking about Joshua. Not the world famous atheist podcast host. No. This is the original Joshua. The one who crosses the river. Podcast Josh has probably crossed rivers at times, but no one put that in the bible. No one stacked stones for podcast Josh. No one cut off the ends of their penises when podcast Josh asked them to. But also no one stole his shoes. 

So I hope that has successfully informed you on the content of this episode. 

It is now 12:11am the night before this episode comes out. I spent about 6 hours editing today and the episode was already pretty much done when I had started. I don't know what happened. No, I do know what happened. Linz went out of town for the weekend and no one was here to tell me, "You need to see sunlight or you'll grow mushrooms on your skin, podcast Josh!"