Esther - Haman Pockets

Ep. 39

Episode Notes

We take on the 2nd and last book named for a woman. Will she be a feminist icon? No. I'll just let you know that now. But she will make a few decisions for herself. So yay for progress.

Have you ever wondered, "What's up with the Jewish holiday of Purim?" I know you have. I heard you whispering about it into your pillow at night. "Where did Purim come from?" you asked into what you thought was the empty darkness of your bedroom. Quieter than silence, your quivering voice asks, "Why are they called Haman's ears?" I heard you. I always hear you.

And you're in luck! Because this is it.

Hope you enjoy the show! See you soon... 

...sooner than you might even know... 

...sleep tight...