Jacob Pt. 1

Ep. 1

Episode Notes

We kick off this podcast with the story of Jacob. How do you succeed in life in BCE 1800 when you’re a 2nd born twin, and an indoor kid with a hairy jock brother? The answer is obviously damn good lentil stew. Also, lying. Also, marrying your cousins instead of Hittite women who annoy your parents. 

We learn the how to handle yourself in a foreign city with a hot wife. Say she’s your sister and you get free stuff! As a bonus, if she gets raped you won’t get killed. This works so well it happens three different times!

We find out that water wells were the Tesla’s of the day. Jacob breaks guitar store rules by rocking Stairway to Heaven. There are pillars going up left and right and places are getting named so often with so little reason you might just think that was the entire point of the scriptures!

It turns out family is just a word for people who screw you over to get ahead in life. Whether that’s your brother, your mother, or your uncle / father-in-law.

God teaches us that women with weak eyes deserve love, too. And when you can’t get love, get pregnant.

Thank you for checking out our first episode, and we promise we’ll get better at this whole thing.