Jacob Pt. 2

Ep. 2

Episode Notes

We pick the story up where we left off in Genesis 30. Jacob is married to his two cousins, and tricked into working seven additional years by his uncle / father-in-law. 

Jacob adds a few servant wives who start cranking out sons like it’s their only purpose. We learn the fair price for mandrakes when selling them to your back stabbing sister. And God finally remembers Rachel! We’re going to ignore that means that God forgot something.

Jacob rips off his uncle before splitting town. Rachel almost gets busted for stealing from her dad but is saved by menstruation. 

We hear the detailed account of angels meeting with Jacob at the “camp of God” called Mahanaim. And Jacob wrestles with some bad story telling all night and walks away with a new name.

Esau and Jacob finally reunite. Will Esau go full werewolf and tear Jacob apart? 

Finally, we cover the only story about a daughter of Jacob. Dinah takes the stage in a story that barely has her in it. She gets raped and rescued. There’s more to it, and it really is worth a listen and read. But let’s be honest. She was a plot device used to fulfill men’s needs and desires then thrown away to never be heard from again. It’s enough to make you want to get a whole city of men to cut their dicks off. (Fore(skin)shadowing)