Joseph: Now In Technicolor – Pt. 2

Ep. 5

Episode Notes

And on the fifth episode we wrapped up the story of Joseph. And the story was mediocre, at best. You know that awkward moment when you run into that brother you sold into slavery who is now a super successful right-hand ruler of Egypt? We’ve all been there, and thankfully the bible provides relevant moral lessons when in such a circumstance.

We start with the Jacob family staring contest. No one wins, everyone goes hungry. May the odds never matter because God just does whatever they like anyway. 

An important lesson is learned on how to know if someone is a spy. Here’s a dead giveaway, do they have a brother? If so, not a spy. Also, when trying to trick your family into taking food for free, make sure to freak them out significantly by acting like an asshole to them then slipping money in their sacks.

Is Joseph a good guy? All signs point to no as we find out how his reign played out for Egyptians. Do we ever find out what happens to the technicolor dream coat? No. Let go of the dream coat!

The bible has been called perfect. Absolutely everything about it is perfect because it was dictated by the perfect creator of the perfect universe them-perfect-selves. So, what does it mean if we find a math error in the bible? Is it a perfect math error? We ask an expert and hope for some answers in our first call in interview!