Yes, That Moses

Ep. 6

Episode Notes

Things have been looking grim for the Israelites since the days of Joseph. God has allowed their chosen people to fall into slavery because… reasons. But then came Moses.

We’ll dig into Moses’ mom’s scheme to get paid to take care of her son. His trip through the desert which will later take him 40 years to get through. And the gay power-couple who become his fathers-in-law.

Then we settle in for a mushroom trip in the desert. The Angel of the Lord shows up, sets a bush on fire, and then gets shoved out so God can have a word with Moses. This hero of a thousand faces gets a surreal call-to-action when God finally remembers their people’s suffering. To help him on the way, God teaches him some magic tricks. When that’s not enough for Moses, God says screw it and says his brother, Aaron, can do all the work.

Oh yeah, and we find out that God causes people to be blind, deaf, and mute. But just don’t forget. THIS IS THE SAME GOD AS GENESIS! Seriously, stop acting like its not! Same God. Seriously.