All About the He Said, She Said Bull$#!*

Ep. 10

Episode Notes

While reading Genesis in our first several episodes, I noticed odd things. The same stories repeated, stories with inconsistent details, and conflicting commandments. Things I’m sure I noticed growing up as a Christian, but I wrote off as a lack of biblical knowledge on my part.

I started doing research into what modern science and scholars can tell us about the actual history of the bible and the people it talks about. What I found cracked my view of the world apart like the first time evolution was explained to me by someone who wasn’t a creationist.

I found a people who were pushed around by the world powers of the time. A people who had a brief period where those powers stayed at bay long enough to create an identity for themselves. An identity that, while evolving with time, has endured and changed the trajectory of history. An identity that was hijacked and used as a cudgel by another religion.

For sources and additional information, go to https://www.biblestoriesforatheists.com/resources/bible-history