Gospels Pt. 4 – Validating the Invalid

Ep. 14

Episode Notes

These days to get famous you just need good looks and a smartphone. But people forget that to get famous in biblical times you needed to cure leprosy and paralysis.

But life is tough when you become a religious influencer. You get crowded. And there’s probably other problems. It gets so hard sometimes you get indignant at people who want your help. No matter how much you tell people not to talk about you healing them, they just go out and blather on about it to everyone. “Oh look at me! I can walk again! There’s the guy that did it!” Assholes.

Then when they write your life story, all anyone writes about is the miracles you perform and almost nothing about your philosophy. And they don’t even get the details right. Assholes.

Even worse, Jesus just won’t stop breaking the law by healing people on the sabbath. Obviously, that is the focus Pharisees would have had seeing people cured of lifelong disabilities. If you’re going to drive out a demon, make sure it’s not on a Saturday!

Honorable Mentions:

  • We find out (yet again) that Jesus apparently isn’t all knowing.
  • Jesus starts up a wine enterprise but has a huge problem with his wineskins bursting and no one is helping him.
  • Josh talks about calling out his Jehovah’s Witness dad on cremation and the resurrection.

And here we are, once again, at the end of a post and I am left wondering how to wrap it up.