Gospels Pt. 5 – Fight Club Jesus

Ep. 15

Episode Notes

We kick off this episode hearing a miraculous story about two blind men somehow being able to follow Jesus as he dodges their pleas for help. After he relents he’s suddenly stopped by the most pointless demon ever to exist.

We get a riveting story about plucking grain on the sabbath.

Jesus picks 12 of his disciples (which may have been all his disciples) to become “Apostles” and go throughout Israel to spread the word. He says they won’t be done by the time he returns, which makes sense because it doesn’t seem like they’re in any hurry to actually leave. They keep showing up after that.

Also, we’re not entirely sure who these 12 were since the gospels give different names.

You know how Jesus is all about love? And how God is love? Well, Jesus goes off on a whole rant about making enemies of your family and that Jesus (who everyone needs to take on faith) needs to be more important than your family (who you do not need to take on faith).

And even more healings!

In all honesty I posted this episode late this week. I was preparing for the next recording and completely forgot posting the one that was due. Please, forgive me. Or don’t. That’s the nice thing about being an atheist.