Gospels Pt. 6 – Mary and Her Nards

Ep. 16

Episode Notes

This was an interesting one, folks. We find out how one major character’s traditional backstory is complete bullshit.

But first, the BIG sermon. You could even say it’s mountainous. It’s the Sermon on the “Mount”. Because that sounds better than Sermon on the “Level Place”.

We kick it off with the Beatitudes. Both sets of them. And we discover where the persecution fetish in so many pious folks comes from.

Who cares about the War on Christmas, we declare a War on Easter! For absolutely no reason whatsoever.

Linz’s favorite bible story comes up, where a Roman centurion is more faithful than everyone else Jesus seems to have met (which includes his own disciples).

And finally we cover the many versions of the story where Jesus gets anointed by some woman. The writer of John really screws up the story by throwing his own anti-Semitic slant on the story.

Pour this episode in your ears for one and half hours for maximum effectiveness. Side effects may include holy holes, minty breath, or shriveled nards. Ask your doctor if atheism is right for you.