Gospels Pt. 14 – Dr. Sheol’s

Ep. 24

Episode Notes

“Was the Gospel of John Changed to Suppress Mary Magdalene?” by ReligionForBreakfasthttps://youtu.be/rfy6oiB_U-A

Crucifying Tony Stark – https://youtu.be/V9_AeLmuRKc?t=120

Turns out Jesus wants us to #TaxTheRich! At least that’s what he tells some Pharisee’s who try to trap him by asking one question and giving up.

Also, Jesus is asked important questions such as if a woman clearly kills 7 brothers, all of whom she married, which one will she be married to at the resurrection.

Resurrection? As in when we die we don’t actually go to heaven? Wtf? Did Jesus say that we don’t go to heaven?

Jesus brings down the vibe by reminding everyone that the temple is going to be destroyed. But he seems to get it confused with the end times.

We finally discuss the story of Lazarus, the real one, the one that ACTUALLY gets resurrected. And we dig into the confusion around was Mary and Martha there or just Mary?

There’s a cinematic version of jewish leaders plotting to kill Jesus. And we circle back to the Palm Sunday to actually explain where the palm trees come from.