Gospels Pt. 15 – The Neverending Supper

Ep. 25

Episode Notes

Jesus is about to have his last supper and he uses his apparently psychic abilities to tell the disciples how to get it set up.

Then Jesus strips down and washes his disciples’ feet. I don’t know why he had to get naked for it, but there you go. Unless he’s not naked. Unless there is an opposite to “outer” clothing that we can’t think of.

Linz finds out that Judas was the treasurer of the disciples and we realize that they’re just Jesus’ board of directors and he’s the executive director of their non-profit. And nothing has changed in churches since.

We cover the first communion. Officially kicking off the new blood cult.

Then we go down the rabbit hole of John chapters 14-17. We sum it up quickly, reading this monotonous droning so you don’t have to.